It is well known that the Havenkwartier offers many types of homes. This means various target groups will find their dream home in this project. But did you know that we can also cater for your interior design preferences? The interior design experts at Doen will be pleased to help you to realise your wishes. We have even set up a whole customisation process for buyers of single-family homes. DOEN is an interior architecture and design bureau, which specifically focuses on creating homely interiors for private individuals as well as companies. This homely feeling has nothing to do with a particular style, explains DOEN interior expert, Annet van der Zalm. “It’s about creating what best suits the individual. Interiors must have a soul, so you can see who lives or works there.” It’s about maximising potential, doing what you promise and focusing on the client. DOEN believes this is important, as is dealing with the grey area between design and actual realisation. Annet explains: “It is sometimes difficult or impossible for constructors to realise the client’s interior preferences. We know this from experience, but also understand our clients. With this in mind, we do everything to maximise potential for both parties.”

DOEN will mainly benefit buyers of Havenkwartier homes who want something a bit different. These buyers can opt to follow the so-called customisation process. This customisation process involves buyers working with a DOEN interior architect to create their ideal home. DOEN’s advice and designs will mainly relate to the layout of homes.


“Advice and designs are always preceded by a personal discussion”, adds Annet. “We want to know exactly who lives in the home and what their individual preferences are. We then realise these preferences within the identified budget. The most important thing is to create a successful whole. Most people normally know what they like, but find it difficult to see the bigger picture and realise it. This is an area where we excel.”


Besides owner preferences, interior design is also determined by architectural structures. Annet: “Project architect VMX has incorporated its perception of the location into the design. They are adding a tough and robust project to Katendrecht, which offers a wide range of apartments and urban homes. That’s why the project is so perfect for the Kaap. “An authentic place in Rotterdam, with a unique atmosphere and appearance”. 


Does Annet have interior tips? “One thing we have noticed recently is that interiors must help to create togetherness: being together in a homely environment, where people have time for one another. This kind of atmosphere is often associated with a cooking island, but that’s not true! My tip is to forget such preconceptions, and to create an atmosphere that matches your lifestyle, family structure and business culture. That’s where we come in.”